Baking is fun!


You may have no idea why you need to beat defenseless eggs when preparing a cake mixture, but don’t worry and just start baking with some of our deliciously easy recipes. These simple recipes will make you happy quickly:

Peanut butter biscuits – ready in just 20 minutes, and they’re a perfect treat for afternoon coffee or tea.

Poppy-Lemon-Waffles – Another sugar-free 20-minute treat, so with these lovely waffles the day is not only healthy, but also exceptionally tasty.

Coconut topsLess tastes more – this delicious recipe needs only 4 ingredients!

There are so many good reasons people enjoy kneading dough. Some focus on the result, others enjoy spoon licking during the cooking process. Still others use the transformative power of kneading to make a statement – “Rage Baking” is about letting your feelings run wild, which is especially helpful if you are frustrated with the current lockdown situation.


It’s never too late to start baking. But it is never too early either! Flour can easily be turned into fairy dust. Chocolate bunnies get individual faces and remain part of their own history forever. Treat yourself to fun with the whole family:


Double chocolate muffins 

Hermesetas Granulated has been specially developed for cooking and baking, and it keeps all its sweetness because the sweeteners it contains are heat-resistant. Not only does it sweeten your muffins and cupcakes, but when used as a sugar substitute, you also protect your teeth. In contrast to sugar which feeds acid-forming plaque bacteria, Low Calorie Sweeteners like Hermesetas cannot form tooth-damaging acids. Hermesetas has no cariogenic effect – and when no acids are formed, your teeth cannot be attacked.