Energy for the whole day – The balanced breakfast

What does an ideal breakfast look like?

An ideal breakfast fills you up until lunchtime, and helps to avoid large rises and falls in blood sugar levels. A wholesome start to the day is made up of the following components:

Starch sources

The best cereals are those which are less processed, i.e. wholemeal – wholemeal bread, homemade granola or sugar-free flakes (oat, millet, spelt flakes, etc.).

Protein sources

These include milk and dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese or quark. If you don’t like or can’t tolerate animal protein sources, reach for soy products. Milk alternatives such as oat, spelt or rice milk provide little or no protein.

Fruit or vegetables

These are a healthy way to fill the stomach – whether fresh or frozen.


Drink either water or unsweetened tea.


What if you have neither hunger nor time in the morning? Never mind – the mid-morning snack break is your solution!

Prepare breakfast at home and eat it at work as soon as hunger strikes. Whole-wheat flour bread with cheese, natural yoghurt with homemade granola or overnight oats fit perfectly into a Tupperware or similar container.

It’s better not to give up breakfast altogether. If we don’t eat until lunchtime, we often get ravenously hungry, which we sometimes satisfy with quickly available carbohydrates – in the form of refined white flour products or thick sugar bombs.


Did you know that there is the equivalent of up to nine sugar cubes in a normal flavoured yoghurt tub? Ready-made granola or muesli mixes, muesli bars, industrially produced coffee drinks, juices and smoothies also often contain lots of sugar – so beware, as sugar is hidden everywhere. That’s why it’s worth preparing your own breakfast and controlling the amount of sugar you eat. If you want to sweeten any of these without excess calories, simply add some Hermesetas.

Ideas for a healthy breakfast:

Vegan overnight oats

Vegan overnight oats

Smoothie bowl with berries

Smoothie bowl

Crunchy chocolate muesli (granola)

Chruncy chocolate granola