Happy Father’s Day!

Dads are our best friends and our superheroes day after day. They deserve to hear more often from us a “thank you dad” and an “I love you dad”, so get ready to surprise your dad this Father’s Day with some delicious and healthy treats. We have prepared a few recipes which all dads will love.

Let´s start with a nice breakfast:

Cinnamon Buns

Cinnamon buns – a delicious classic, but also not an easy recipe.

We suggest also an easier alternative so you can try these American blueberry pancakes:

For lunch we would like to suggest the following:

Bang bang chicken salad – You can try this salad using other types of meat too, like pork, turkey or even salmon or prawns. For a vegan variant just add more veggies and leave out the meat ingredients.

Another nice and hearty lunch surprise would be a Moroccan pastilla pie.  Minced meat, garlic and other spices will surely put the smile on his face.

It’s a bit more elaborate and also more time consuming, but this recipe is worth all the trouble. Give it a try – Dads will love it!

For dinner: A light dinner at the end of a long day is healthy and welcomed. The pear chutney or as an alternative the chicory boats with chicken salad.

And for a healthy celebration toast here are some ideas for refreshing and delicious drinks:

Cranberry sparkler:

Xmas cocktail: Cranberry Sparkler

Rhubarb Gin Fizz: