Sugar and the weight loss battle!

  • Only 13% of people surveyed believe slimming clubs are a good way to lose weight.
  • Just 10% rate meal replacements for weight loss
  • A mere 3% believe that over-the-counter medicines are a good way to lose weight.

 73% of people believe small but long-term dietary changes are an effective way to lose weight — a view which is supported by solid evidence.

Carole-Ann Rice adds: “This is a key finding because we know that replacing sugar with a no- or low-calorie sweetener such as Hermesetas is a small and simple change which reduces both sugar and calories. The only question is, ‘Why aren’t more people using a no- or low-calorie sweetener instead of sugar?”

A review confirmed that switching sugar for low-calorie sweeteners reduced average daily calorie intake by 10% and led to a statistically significant weight loss of 0.2kg per week.

Analysis carried out as part of the review estimated that switching from sugar to sweeteners would lead to weight loss of 3% in 12 weeks — and over a year, would equate to a 10kg loss for a 75kg person.