Sugar and the weight loss battle! Part II

Nine out of 10 people (89%) who had lost weight had put it back on after they had stopped dieting, 6 and a quarter (26%) said this had happened almost every time they had shed weight.

Life coach and agony aunt, Carole-Ann Rice notes: “From the research collected by Hermesetas we can see that women are far more likely to experience yo-yo dieting with a third (31%) admitting they almost always regained weight, compared to one in five men (19%). Yo-yo dieting is also more common among younger adults.

“Only one in four (26%) adults said they were good at losing weight and making the long-term changes needed to keep it off. More than a third (36%) could achieve weight-loss but struggled to make the long-term changes needed to keep it off, and more than a quarter (28%) struggled to lose weight and keep it off.”

Men were the most likely to lose weight and make long-term changes (31% compared to 22% of women).

The battle continues!